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KAMIYA ART is a leading contemporary and modern art gallery, representing one of the most important Japanese post-war artist Yuichi Inoue (YU-ICHI) 井上有一, Morihiro Hosokawa (細川護熙) and Shiro Tsujimura (辻村史朗).

略歴 | Bio


The biography of Morihiro Hosokawa

  略歴 | Biography


1938年 東京生まれ。 上智大学法学部卒。

朝日新聞記者、参議院議員、熊 本県知事を経て、1993年内閣総理大臣。

60歳を機に 政界を引退。神奈川県湯河原の自邸「不東庵」で陶芸 を始める。

現在は、作陶のほか、書、画、漆芸、茶杓作 りなども手がける。

2001年以降、東京など国内各地、パリ、ニューヨークな どで個展を開催。


Hosokawa Morihiro Born in Tokyo in 1938, Hosokawa is a graduate of Sophia University's faculty of law.

After working as a reporter on the Asahi Shimbun, he served as a Diet member in the House of Councilors and as governor of Kumamoto Prefecture before becoming Prime Minister in 1993.

Upon reaching the age of 60, he retired from politics and began working in ceramics at the Futóan, his villa in Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

In addition to making pottery, he also engages in calligraphy, painting, lacquerware, and the carving of bamboo tea scoops, among other art forms.

Since 2001, Hosokawa has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo and other locations in Japan, in Paris, and in New York.

He is also the chairman of the Eisei-Bunko Museum a nonprofit organization that exhibits the Hosokawa family collection.