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KAMIYA ART is a leading contemporary and modern art gallery, representing one of the most important Japanese post-war artist Yuichi Inoue (YU-ICHI) 井上有一, Morihiro Hosokawa (細川護熙) and Shiro Tsujimura (辻村史朗).

別館 | Gallery Annex

かみ屋の別館ギャラリーを紹介するページ。かみ屋の2つ目のショップとして2019年にオープンした、別館では、かみ屋で取り扱う井上有一、細川護熙、辻村史朗の他、小泉淳作や、Shouya Griggなどかみ屋がセレクトした作品を紹介する。

This page is about Annex gallery running by Kami Ya. Annex gallery is Kami Ya’s second location to introduce various beautiful pieces. Especially it is set as Shiro Tsujimura’s official shop, but also we selected some works from Yuichi Inoue, Morihiro Hosokawa and many more artist.