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KAMIYA ART is a leading contemporary and modern art gallery, representing one of the most important Japanese post-war artist Yuichi Inoue (YU-ICHI) 井上有一, Morihiro Hosokawa (細川護熙) and Shiro Tsujimura (辻村史朗).

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Shouya Grigg Photograph Exhibition

Kiyoko Inamori

Shouya Grigg Photograph Exhibition

2017/3/24 - 2017/4/8
Closed on Sunday & Holiday | 日・祝休廊

We are pleased to announce that our new photograph exhibition of Shouya P.T. Grigg. He is borned and raised in England, studied film in Australia before moving to Japan 23 years ago. He is a successful creative director and designer, who designed and co-owned the best Ryokan (hotel) in Japan, Zaborin. He is taking a beautiful photography, and now Shouya and Kami Ya collaborate to  print his photography on our best Japanese papers.