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KAMIYA ART is a leading contemporary and modern art gallery, representing one of the most important Japanese post-war artist Yuichi Inoue (YU-ICHI) 井上有一, Morihiro Hosokawa (細川護熙) and Shiro Tsujimura (辻村史朗).

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年末年始のご挨拶 | Season's Greeting

Kiyoko Inamori

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皆様のお陰で本年も大変実りある一年となりました井上有一をフランスで日本政府公式イベントJaponismes 2018の中で紹介し、35000人を超える方々に新たに紹介することができました。また、これまでの「かみ屋」に隣接し、細川護煕さんや辻村史朗さんの作品を常時ご紹介できる場所「かみ屋アネックス」をオープンしました。





Thank you very much for 2018!
We wish you have a fantastic year ahead of you in 2019!

We appreciated all your support in 2018. It was a big year for us. Since our business grows in many direction, we officially use "Kami Ya Co., Ltd." for all projects, including paper related projects, studio, gallery, etc.

It was our pleasure supporting Introducing Yu-ichi Inoue in Europe with Japan Foundation, it meant a lot for us. More than 35,000 people had seen his works. Also, we have opened our new space "Kamiya Annex" next to our main building, it gives us more opportunities to show Morihiro Hosokawa and Shiro Tsujimura works all the time.  

Regarding our paper, it is very happy to have more projects with fantastic people and projects from all over the world. Reliability of our studio is now widely recognized, and we worked with National museums and the giant international museums. 

Without your supports non of these would be able to be achieved. Thank you very much for 2018, and we are sure that 2019 will be even more dynamic and exciting year!

We wish you all the best to have a fantastic year end, and year ahead of you. Looking forward to seeing you, working you, and sharing time with you in 2019!

Happy New Year!

Best Regards,
Kami Ya Co., Ltd.