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Inoue Yuichi Retrospective,  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa 

Inoue Yuichi Retrospective, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa 

He started studying under Sokyu Ueda at the age of 25, and since his youth he had aspiration for art, being acquainted with artists such as Isamu Noguchi. Throughout his career, he produced experimental and significant works, which were closely linked to the area of painting. Since he became a teacher at the age of 19, Inoue strictly disciplined himself and produced calligraphy whole his life. Responding to Abstract Expressionism at the time, Inoue participated in the important international exhibitions including the São Paulo Art Biennial (the 4th and the 6th), Documenta 2, and Carnegie International 1961. In the middle of the 1950s, when he started receiving international acclaim and his antagonism toward conservative calligraphy circle at the time grew, Inoue's calligraphy was losing forms of character, moving more towards experiments such as using bundled grass as brush and drawing with enamel. His experimental "one character writings", which depict the words such as "flower" and "poverty", possess a general plasticity, and as outstanding masterpieces which lie on the border of calligraphy and painting have received high acclaim both in Japan and overseas. His work received greater acclaim after comparison by the critic Herbert Read with masters such as Jackson Pollock and, after his death, a retrospective exhibition touring 7 domestic art museums was held in 1989, while his work was also included in "Scream Against the Sky: Japanese Art After 1945" which toured from Yokohama Museum of Art to The Guggenheim Museum Soho and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1994 and 1995. In recent years, his work has also appeared in Sharjah Biennial 11 held this year from March to May, curated by Yuko Hasegawa.

Group Exhibition

Solo Exhibition



























Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne, Germany

Wuppertal Kunst und Museumseverein, Wuppertal, Germany and Galerie Zwirner, Cologne, Germany

Exhibition in Commemoration of the publication of “Hana-no-Sho-Cho” at Ichibankan Gallery, Tokyo

Exhibition in Commemoration of the publication of “Sho by Yu-ichi '49 - '77” Ichibankan Gallery, Tokyo/ Imabashi art gallery, Osaka

Asahi art gallery, Kyoto

“1955- and now” (Wako hall, Tokyo)
“Exhibition in Commemoration of the publication of <Taka>” (Kankodo gallery, Gunma)

 “YU-ICHI KOTOBA-GAKI (WORD WORKS)” (UNAC Salon, Tokyo /Gallery Ban Garo, Osaka)

 “YU-ICHI Zeppitsu (YU-ICHI, Psyché Calligraphy-PARTING THOUGHTS)” (NEWZ in Roppongi, Tokyo / Nishinomiya Citezen’s Gallery, Hyogo) / “YU-ICHI VIVANT” (the Seed hall, Tokyo)
Mr. Masaomi Unagami donates YU-ICHI 62 masterpieces to the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto in Kyoto.

“YU-ICHI, Surrounded by Flowers” (Parco Gallery, Tokyo)

 “Our BIG Inoue Yu-ichi” (the National Museum of Modern Arts, Kyoto in Kyoto, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art in Fukuoka, Niigata City museum in Niigata, the Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art in Yamaguchi and Koriyama City museum of Art in Koriyama)

“Subarashii HIN (Wonderful Poverty) : REVELATION IN BLACK AND WHITE : The spiritual Austerity of YU-ICHI” Azabu museum of arts and crafts, Tokyo/ “YU-ICHI : Arbeiten auf Papier” (JAPAN ART Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

“YU-ICHI 1916-1985” (Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland)
“YU-ICHI SHO-HO” (Exhibition in Commemoration of the publication of “YU-ICHI SHO-HO  published by Tianjin people’s arts publishing house gallery, Tianjin, China)

“YU-ICHI HIN –werke 1954 bis 1982” (Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Galerie im Karmeliterkloster and Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)/ “ !  93 works” (JAPAN ART Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

“Subarashii HIN (Wonderful Poverty)” (Sumida Riverside hall, Tokyo)

“Yu-ichi Inoue –The calligraphy is for everyone–” (Seoul Art Center, Korea)/ “The Calligraphy of 
Yu-ichi Inoue” (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma) 

“Yu-ichi Inoue –Lived and Wrote–” (Chigasaki City Museum of Art, Kanagawa)/ “Yu-ichi Inoue”  (National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto / Kyoto University of Art and Design’s Gallery “RAKU” , Kyoto and Aoyama Spiral Garden, Tokyo)

Hangzhou International Calligraphy Art Festival “Yuichi INOUE” (China Academy of Art, China)

“Kanji Art –Inoue Yuichi–” (Ten Directions Art Center, China)

“Yu-ichi Collectors Party” (Koyama Tomio Gallery, Tokyo)

“Legacy of Yu-ichi” (Sumida Riverside Hall, Tokyo) organized by KAMIYA ART



































“The 1st Genbi exhibition” (Kobe Asahi hall, Hyogo)

“Japanese Calligraphy” (The Museum of Modern Art, New York, U.S.A)/ “The 1st Modern Art Fair” (Daimaru department store, Osaka)/ “The 1st Exhibition of Bokujin exhibition” (Maruzen art gallery in Tokyo and Kyoto)/ “The 2nd Genbi exhibition” (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto)

“Bokujin” (Gallery Colette Allendy, Paris, France)/(Gallery Apollo, Brussels, Belgium)/ “Japan-America Abstract Art Exhibition” (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)/ “Contemporary Japanese Calligraphy” (traveling exhibitions in Europe)/ “The 1st Public Exhibition of Bokujin ” (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)

“Ⅳ BIENAL” (Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil) 

“50 ANS D’ART MODERNE “ (Palais International des Beaux-Arts <Expo in Bruxelles>, Bruxelles, Belgium)

“Ⅱ DOCUMENTA, Kunst nach1945” (Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany)

“Pintura Japonêsa Contemporânea” (Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)/ “Japanische Kalligraphie” (Kunstverein Freiburg, Freiburg and Museu Folkwang, Essen, Germany)

“Ⅵ BIENAL” (Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil)/ “1961 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture, Pittsburgh, U.S.A) / “The Pacific Area Art Exhibition” (Oakland Gallery, Oakland, Callifornia, U.S.A)

“Sinn und Zeichen, Kalligraphien Japanischer Meister der Gegenwart” (traveling exhibitions in Germany) /”Contemporary Sumie” (traveling exhibition in Canada and the U.S.A)

“Schrift und Build, Kalligraphien Japanischer Meister der Gegenwart” (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany)

“The 1st Japan Art Festival” (Union Carbide Company headquarters in NY, U.S.A) 

“The 1st Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo)

“The 2nd Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition” (Tokyo Central Museum, Tokyo)

“The 3rd Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition”  (Industry trade center, Tokyo)/ “CONTEMPORARY Art Dialogue between the East and the West” (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

“The 4th Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition” ( Saitama hall, Saitama)

“The 6th Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition” ( Saitama hall, Saitama)

“The 7th Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition” (Saitama hall, Saitama)/“DEVELOPMENT OF POSTWAR JAPANESE ART Abstract and Non-Figurative” (the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

“The 8th Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition (FINAL)” (Saitama hall, Saitama)

“Sho-Modern Japanische Schreibkunst” (traveling exhibitions in Germany)

“JAPAN TODAY” (Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, U.S.A)

“Adam in the Future” (Seibu Hall at Seibu Department Store, Tokyo)

“Stamp of War and Repose of Souls” (Iwaki City Art Museum, Fukushima)

1989   “World of Ink” (Otsu SEIBU Hall, Shiga)

1992   “Calligraphy and Painting: The Passionate Age; 1945-1969” (O Art Museum, Tokyo)

1994   “Japanese Art after 1945 –Scream against the sky– ” (Yokohama Museum of Art, Kanagawa, Guggenheim Museum in SoHo, New York and San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, Callifornia, U.S.A) 

“JAPANESE THING -writing and drawing-” (The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu)

“The war and the art” (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma)/ “Yu-ichi Inoue and Akira Kaho’ – the mountains of the mountains” (Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano)

2005   “GÜnther Uecher and Inoue Yu-ichi” (Langen Foundation, Kunst und Ausstellungshaus, Germany)

Sharjah Bienniale 11, UAE