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井上有一 書を超えた圧巻の「一字書」
— 産経ニュース
Yūichi, struggled to find a personal artistic voice grounded in traditional East Asian calligraphic practice and found himself more inspired by abstract gestural art advocated by rebellious Japanese and Western artists.
— The MET
Three decades after his death, the art world is taking a fresh look at the deceptively simple — and sometimes unsettling — works of a Japanese calligrapher.
— Nikkei Asia Review
His experimental “one character writings,” as well as his expressive, action-based style of painting, won him considerable acclaim both domestically and abroad
— spoon&tamago
Inoue Yuichi is one of the true pioneers of Japanese abstract calligraphy.
— Sotheby's Hong Kong
— 産経ニュース
— Mikiki
— 蘋果日報
Although trained traditionally as a calligrapher, he ventured outside the box and pushed himself to explore creativity.
— OEN (
Inoue Yuichi transformed Japanese traditional calligraphy into modern art. He explored the human’s conflict between authority and everyday-life.
An iconic figure of post-war Japanese modern calligraphy
— Christie's Hong Kong
— 朝日新聞夕刊2015/6/24
— 中日新聞
— 立場新聞
Whenever we think about calligraphy, may it be Japanese or Chinese, we see an old man sitting in a tranquil garden, as zen as he can be, before he picks up a brush and elegantly writes down a line or two whilst taking more zen-ish pauses in between.
— The typewriter
The Japanese Artist Who Threw Like Pollock And Thought Like Picasso
What is most interesting about Inoue’s career is the way in which he struggled heroically to reconcile the freewheeling dynamism and mathematical precision that he learned from American Abstract Expressionism with the more stoic principles of Japanese calligraphy
— blouin art info