History is a novel for which the people is the author.
— Alfred de Vigny, Réflexions sur la Vérité dans l'Art

We want to make a future of papers for making YOUR history.

KAMIYA ART designs and manufactures the most advanced Japanese paper for paintings, calligraphy, conservation and restoration in the world.

For the field of Art and Cultural assets, the key of the paper's quality is durability by time. No one want to purchase a million dollars art piece for just few years in the living room, No one want to make an important records on a paper which will be broken in years,  No one want to hang on the paintings on paper with a lot of brown spots.

According to our research, the traditional Japanese papers made by the way of Edo era is the best quality paper. Naturally white, high resistance for sun lights, and long durability by time.  Interestingly this traditional Japanese paper is the most advanced paper in the history for art and archives. Thanks for our ancestors! It is extremely time consuming and costly to take the same process today but still worth trying to make.

History is what you archived. If you archived something on not durable papers, you will lose your history in the next generation. We are making 21 century paper for the next 1000 years.