It’s funny how the beauty of art has so much more to do with the frame than the artwork itself.
— Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

Our team

Takahiro Higuchi

Technical Director

Takahiro Higuchi is the technical director of workshop and paper making studio. He has led the whole team and overseen the technical service such as framing, mounting, conservation, restoration, consulting, teaching, paper making and all the projects related to paper and ink. His wide experience covered both traditional and modern techniques. 

Futoshi Yoshioka

Chief R&D Engineer  

Futoshi Yoshioka leads the Research and Development teams of papers. He mostly focused on researching traditional method of paper making, materials making, and  historical research. Futoshi also cultivate the materials for paper such as Mulberry and so on. He is basically located in Kochi Prefecture, where was the kingdom of Japanese paper making.

Hideaki Sasamoto

Chief Engineer

Hideaki Sasamoto is the Chief Engineer. Hideaki  designed all the frames, scrolls, screens and any other things for mounting. In order to keep the art pieces for a long time, a lot of special treatment has to be done behind the pieces. Hideaki is a skillful doctor for paintings and cultural paper assets in both in preventive and curative way.

Masami Satake

Product Architect

Masami Satake is the Product Architect of papers. He has designed and manufactured all the papers which satisfied the requirements of each paper projects. Quality of good paper is depending on the condition and purpose, he designed papers for each specific project. "What is this paper for?" is the most important question to design right paper.  After design phase, he makes the paper by himself.

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