細川護熙作品 | Works by Morihiro Hosokawa

Zen words A pair of six-fold screens with large character calligraphy

2013, 179 x 484 cm., sumi ink, Xuan paper 

“I playfully took various zen phrases that I liked and wrote them with a big brush two Chinese characters at a time. There is no particular meaning to the way they are arranged, I wrote many such panels and selected a few of them and lined them up freely like playing cards.”

禅語2字 6曲一双大字屏風

179 × 484cm 墨·画宣紙

「禅語を面白半分に二文字ずつ、大きな筆で書いて並べたものです。配列に特別な意味はなく、たくさん書いた中から選んで、トランプのように自由 に並べてみました」