Paper Conservation and Preservation


Kami Ya Co. Studio is dedicated to the preservation, technical analysis, and research of works of art on paper, parchment, and related materials from all periods and cultures. We offers the highest level of quality care and professional conservation treatment any works on paper. The objects include historic, modern, and contemporary material, among which are: drawings in all media and techniques.

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Starts from Consultation and assessment

The choice of treatment depends not only on the condition of the work of art, but is also based on other factors that include its function and future use, display and storage conditions, aesthetic and historic content, the predicted outcome of the treatment, and also your budgets and time. We simply start from consultation with the clients, and define the scope and budget. 

Treatment steps may include: 

  • surface cleaning to reduce superficial dirt
  • separation from harmful poor quality  mounts 
  • consolidation of flaking or deteriorating media 
  • aqueous treatment to reduce deterioration products, discoloration, and stains 
  • mending tears
  • filling areas of loss with matching paper
  • lining or remounting based on the object’s functionality

A variety of archival storage solutions are also available

  • custom museum-quality matting and framing, and mounting as traditional scrolls and screens
  • custom fitted and labeled clamshell enclosures
  • Archival boxes